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Basic Information
Product name A4 D-Ring PHOTOCARD BINDER AND SLEEVES (11 Holes)
Price ₱175.00
Shipping method Parcel Service
Shipping fee Free

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A4 D-Ring PHOTOCARD BINDER AND SLEEVES (11 Holes) Add Deduct 175 (  )
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accessories white color image-S1L1
A4 D-Ring Binder with Strap

♥ The Reason Why The Pocket Sleeves and Binders of "MOEUM" Are Loved By Most Koreans and Other Customers♥

1. Among the products sold on the market, the "MOEUM" refill has the most diverse pocket sizes of 1, 2 (horizontal, vertical), 3, 4 (horizontal, vertical), 5, 6 (horizontal, vertical), 8, 9, and 10 pockets, so you can store various types of goods or stickers.

2. 9 Pocket Refill Sleeve is 6.8 cm × 9.3 cm in one compartment pocket, the largest vertical pocket among commercially available products, and you can freely store not only photo cards of various sizes but also photo cards in OPP bags to keep them safe.

3. 4 pocket refill sleeve is the only product on the market that can store 4x6 printed photos and 10cm x 15cm postcards, and is the type that puts them from top to bottom. Keep printed photos and postcards that had to be stored in 2 pockets of other products in a collection of 4 pockets refills.

4. The 8 pocket refill sleeve is in size A7, and you can store tickets for musicals, plays, and performances, and cards that were difficult to store due to their large size, such as BTS' official mini photo cards.

5. In addition to the MOEUM binder, all pockets of "MOEUM" are compatible with regular 2, 3, and 4 hole binders. (Please check the overall size of the binder you use.)

6. "MOEUM" is the No. 1 store of goods storage, and you can also order products such as slogan binders and A2 files.

accessories product image-S2L1
accessories product image-S2L2
Single-sided Sleeves: 1 pocket, 2 pockets (vertical), 9 pockets
Double-sided Sleeves: 2 pockets (horizontal), 3 pockets, 4 pockets (horizontal), 4 pockets (vertical), 5 pockets, 6 pockets (horizontal), 6 pockets (vertical), 8 pockets, 10 pockets
The storage method is that 1 pocket, 2 pockets (vertical), 4 pockets (vertical), 6 pockets (vertical), and 9 pockets are from top to bottom.
2 pockets (horizontal), 3 pockets, 4 pockets (horizontal), 6 pockets (horizontal), and 8 pockets are stored sideways.

accessories detail image-S2L6
accessories detail image-S2L7
2 pockets (horizontal) One compartment size: 21 cm wide and 15 cm long (both sides)
It is good to store A5 size photos, large postcards, and large size stickers.
2 pockets (vertical) One compartment size: 10.5 m wide 30.5 cm long (cross section)
It is good for storing cup holders or long seal stickers.
accessories detail image-S2L11
accessories product image-S2L12
4 pockets (horizontal) one compartment size: 21 cm wide and 7.5 cm long
It's good to store life cuts, card tags, thin and long stickers, etc.
accessories detail image-S2L15
accessories lavender color image-S2L16
6 pockets (horizontal) one compartment size: 10.5 cm wide and 10 cm long (both sides)
It's good to store square pictures, rice cake memos, stickers, etc.
6 pockets (vertical) One compartment size: 7 cm wide and 15 cm long (both sides)
It is good to store rectangular card tags, stickers, etc.
accessories detail image-S2L20
accessories detail image-S2L21
8 pockets One compartment size: 10.5 cm wide and 7.4 cm long (both sides)
It is better to store tickets for larger size photo cards, plays, musicals, and performances than general photo cards. 
10 pockets One compartment size: 10.5 cm wide and 5.8 cm long (both sides)
It's good to store a lot of normal business card size photo cards.
accessories detail image-S2L23
5 pockets One compartment size: 21.5 cm wide and 5.8 cm long (both sides)
It's good to store thin and long stickers.
accessories product image-S2L25
Try to store anniversary cup holders in 2 pockets in a vertical form 😊
accessories product image-S2L28
accessories product image-S2L29
accessories detail image-S2L30
accessories white color image-S2L34
accessories cream color image-S2L35
accessories detail image-S2L36
accessories detail image-S2L37
accessories detail image-S2L38
accessories detail image-S2L39
accessories detail image-S2L40
accessories product image-S2L43
accessories product image-S2L42

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  • Shipping time: 3 - 7 days
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    3. After sorting and repackaging, orders will be sent to each customer
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    5. Incase of shipping fee lower than the actual fee, it will be collected upon delivery together with the parcel insurance fee. 

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In order to exercise your right of product replacement, you must inform us of your decision by means of a clear proof and statement.

If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at ambaekpeo.os@gmail.com and send your item to: Gitna, Timbain, Calaca, Batangas, 4212 C/O A. Macalalad

50% of the return shipping fee will be shouldered by the customer however, the shipping fee when re-sending the correct item to the customer will be free of charge

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